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Lifestyle planner

Saving money could be easier than you think. Our lifestyle planner can help you to see how much you could save by cutting down on those little luxuries we all take for granted.

The odd coffee or magazine doesn't amount to much, but you'll probably be surprised how quickly the money adds up.

Cutting down a few of these items and investing the money in your plan could help provide you with a bigger fund when you retire. Use the calculator below to see for yourself.

How much do you spend on the little extras?

How much do you spend on the little extras?

Take a look at the list below to calculate how much you spend on little extras each month. We've put in some amounts for each category. You can change them to show how much you spend.


Times per week

Cost per unit

How much do you spend?

Important notes

  • Cost per unit is based on Royal London internal research.
  • We've based our calculations on an average month of 4.35 weeks.

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